Currently accepting demos for our TWELVE.three compilation.

Our TWELVE compilation series is aimed at discovering music by unknown, upcoming talent. Twelve tracks are selected by twelve different artists. By coming out on a compilation, united, they get much more feedback andattention than when we would get with an individual release. United we stand!

Please upload your music using the demo policy below. ONLY 1 track!  Don’t forget to include the info file so we know who were are dealing with.

Submit before 15th August. We will release the compilation on our event at Kompass on September 23rd.

Good luck!

Coincidence is all about discovering new music and hidden gems from undiscovered talent. Although we usually work with our resident producers we are always up for some quality Techno or House. So, if you think you got something cool for us, get in touch!

Want to submit your demo? Please review the demo policy first and send us your tracks.

Demo Policy

  1. First: fill in the file you find here. Include this one in the zipfile with your tracks.
  2. Upload your zipfile to our Dropbox File Request Folder. DO NOT SEND US SOUNDCLOUD LINKS.
  3. Send in WAV (44,1Khz/16bit or 24bit) or AIFF.
  4. Mastering: Make sure your file is -3dB and with no compression or limiter on the end bus (master output). Give our engineer some room to work 😉
  5. We are a Techno and House label. So no other styles, no Elektro House, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Progressive, Trance. If you are the next Pete Namlook and have created Soundscapes, Ambient or Leftfield tracks or an album, you can submit those for our sublabel Coincidental.
  6. If you are a fan of Steve Aoki or you are Steve Aoki: piss off.