FAQ – Memberships

  1. So, what’s this membership?
    The membership allows you to get a year’s worth of Coincidence…

    • Music. You’ll get every single release we put out in an entire year sent to your inbox. You can download it in WAV or MP3.
    • Party time. You get a year of full access to all our club nights we put on – anywhere, every where.
    • Discounts. Use the discount code on the back of the membership card to get a discount on all purchases you make on the website throughout the year.
    • Reservations. Event sold out? Not for Coincidence Members. Get the chance to book a ticket to sold out events like Tomorrowland and many other events.
  2. How do I get free entrance?
    The week before every event you’ll get a ticket in your inbox. Print, come and walk in. That’s all.
  3. How do I get the discount applied?
    Simple! Check out and you’ll find a discount field in the cart page. Just apply your code et voila.
  4. How many memberships can I order?
    You can order up to 4 memberships but please note you’ll need to submit four seperate order lines, as we need to get details on the t-shirts to ship and the names of the people you want to register.

Tomorrowland FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT PAY US FOR YOUR TML TICKET! You will never be asked by Coincidence to pay for a Tomorrowland ticket itself or get a markup on the actual ticket price. If you get a question like that from any source: it’s a scam. Contact us if you are unsure. 

As a Coincidence Member you have a chance to reserve your ticket to Tomorrowland and party with us at the Rave Cave when we host our annual showcase there.Here’s how it works.

  1. When you order your Membership, select what kind of ticket you would like to make a reservation for.
    You can chose ONLY FOR WEEKEND 2 (!): Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Full Madness (= weekend pass) or Greenville (Full Madness Weekend + Dreamville Camping access). Only regular admittance, no Comfort or VIP arrangements.
  2. Pay for the membership. Only 1 Membership per person! Everyone needs to order for themselves with a seperate email address.
  3. You’ll get a confirmation from us by email. At this time, your ticket is reserved and your Membership is activated.
  4. From this point on, you will get emails to secure your ticket directly for Tommorowland. Once again, we don’t handle the ticket sale, so you pay to TML (through their partner Paylogic), and you will get an official ticket from Tomorrowland directly, including the gift box with your personalized bracelet. We absolutely do not charge extras and your price will be the official ticket price like you would pay on the regular website.
  5. Around March,  you will get an email from Tomorrowland’s ticket partner Paylogic. It will contain a link where you need to pay for your ticket and submit your personal data. Follow the easy steps. Make sure you have enough money on your account because you only get a few days to follow the link and make the payment!
  6. Around June, you will receive your bracelet. Follow the instruction to register it to your name and store in a safe place :
  7. On the 29th July, come to the Rave Cave on Tomorrowland, get completely shitfaced and get a reward for bad behavior.