Coincidence at the Rave Cave – Tomorrowland 2018

We are very happy to announce that we are back for the tenth time at the Rave Cave of Tomorrowland! See you on Sunday 29th in – where else – the Rave Cave.

This year’s warriors of the Rave Cave clan:

Rupert Harvey & JLN

With a combined total of over 20 years playing as a DJ, Kompass residents, Nachtwacht founders
and lifelong friends Rupert Harvey & JLN have been playing together for over four years now. Their uncanny talent to get a crowd dancing whilst bringing their own, stylish mix of House & Techno, has sent them to many Belgian clubs & stages (Fuse, Café d’Anvers, Decadance, Tomorrowland, Ostend Beach, Thé Dansant, …) and even Chalet club in Berlin. As they are currently spending a lot of time in the studio producing their own tracks, don’t expect them to slow down any time soon.



From a young age, AMEKMAR has always been very passionate about music. From getting up in the morning till going to bed at night, music was played all day long. Once she felt the joy and excitement of standing behind the turntables, the microbe of playing music settled deeply in her body.
After getting her first opportunities playing with ‘Staalhard’, she decided to co-organise the weekly ‘Dienstag Records’ concept at Club Vaag, Antwerp. Playing weekly and sharing her interpretation of techno music with a crowd made her feel more and more motivated to work harder each time, learn and set new goals for herself. When she got the opportunity to become a weekly resident at ‘Radio UNDR’, she truly started to find her own sound and grow as an artist. Her love for the deeper and harder sounds of techno now define her as an artist, so you can expect some heavy pounding techno.
Setting new goals and raising the bar for herself every time she plays. For AMEKMAR, music means evolving. And she does not plan on standing still.


Psytox (aka Didier Beydts, Svemirski, Norman Bates) has been dj’ing since 1989 on parties throughout Belgium and the neighboring countries. Rather than being pigeonholed into one style of music, he mixes very eclectic sets, including elements of acid, house, techno, deephouse, minimal, breakz, dubstep, d’n’b,… . It has brought him to a wide variety of venues in different scenes.
he produces on his label Coincidence Records and on Rhythm Converted, Thrill and Artform, and is a regular at Kompass Klub.


Tom Hades

There’s no big need to introduce one of Belgium’s most long standing techno artist & producer Tom Hades.
Tom started released on all influential labels in the techno scene including MB Electronics, Drumcode, Pornographic Recordings and much more. In 2004 Tom’s own label „Rythm Convert“ was born. The purpose of the label initially was to give young & fresh talent a platform, on which they could showcase their music on. The following years were all about to bring the Tom Hades sound all around the world.
Tom’s first solo album was released at the end of 2013, followed by a massive world tour with over 49 shows in countries like Japan, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and many more countries.
The future will be about to further establish the Hades sound in the scene, followed by a new visual direction & general concept!



Tipped as being one of Rotterdam’s best kept secrets in Techno, dj/producer ‘stranger’ moves in mysterious ways and has quickly proven to be one to watch. His first musical appearance in 2014 was quickly picked up by established names as Dave Clarke, Sven Vath and Marcel Dettmann, giving his career as well as his own Self Reflektion label a major kick-start. While remaining in the background pushing forward talented artists and working on various projects such as the highly anticipated Paling Trax label, his DJ career is on the rise. His name can be found on the line-ups of some of the biggest clubs and events in techno such as Awakenings, Tresor and many others. This is not your average ‘unknown artist’…


Seba Lecompte

Seba Lecompte started collecting vinyl in the early 90’s and played his first gigs in Belgium around 1997. After organising local warehouse parties, Seba earned a resident spot at the famous Decadance club in his hometown Ghent. With this residency Seba established himself as one of Belgium’s finest and hardest working techno dj’s.
Seba has a very distinct dj-style: energetic mixes combined with well balanced storytelling. Thanx to this dj-style Seba heated up all major Belgian dancefloors: I Love Techno, Fuse, Kozzmozz, Café D’Anvers, 10 Days Off, Laundry Day, Ostend Beach, Silo, The Wood, Studio 22, Cherry Moon and of course his homebase Decadance.
In 2012, after producing several EP’s with a friend as ‘Double Shift’, Seba decided to focus on his solo material as ‘Seba Lecompte’. Since then Seba released music on established labels like Recode Musik, Krannit Records, Girafe Sauvage, Polar Noise, Gotham Grooves, What Happens, Balance 432, Airtaxi, Mude, Railroad Recordings and Ion music.
In 2016 Seba started a new collaboration with the Danish/Belgian artist Soren Aalberg. This resulted in a first release on Frankyeffe’s imprint Riot Recordings and got played by lots of key industry artists. The future looks bright for Seba with confirmed solo releases on high profile labels, increasing gigs abroad and new material from Soren Aalberg & Seba which should be hitting your ears soon!

gigatools gigs:
resident advisor:


Besides being a well known face in the party scene of Belgium – worked behind the scenes for Liberty White, Audioviolence, Partybus – Trixy has quickly gained momentum playing the darker Underground Techno scene in the west of Belgium.
In just a year she managed to become one of the most interesting DJs that emerged in the country’s new found love for underground sounds.
With her four deck Techno sets she manages to send energy levels through the roof where ever she goes. It has taken her to all sorts of venues with an ever growing following of devoted fans and enthousiasts. Add her infamous party stamina to the equation and you will know why she is rapidly becoming a rising talent in Belgian nightlife. �

Currently you can see her perform regularly on various events where she is often re-invited and at her homebase Decadance, a testament of her skill and determination.



Ghent home-based dj/producer TWAN co-founded the successful Belgian techno concepts RIMBU in Belgium in may 2016 & Repossession in September 2017 . Strongly growing ever since, RIMBU is now becoming one of Belgium’s biggest industrial techno events.

Strongly influenced by rave music TWAN created a unique sound in his dj-sets and productions that can be recognized instantly when he takes over the decks.
Heavy pounding kicks combined with oldschool ravy synths are his recipe.

LABELS: Madback Records, T/W/B, RIMBU, Repossession, DSNT, Grounded


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