Insolate – “Organisation Is The Key To Everything”

Many moonlights ago I got to know a girl from Croatia playing as Miss Sunshine. Besides being a great DJ, a great producer and a kickass promotor, she also became a super good friend over the years and a resident of Coincidence. Time for a few questions in the wake of her new release – now as Insolate.


Let’s start with an obvious question: why the change from Miss Sunshine to Insolate?

I kept getting signs from the universe that I should do it! (laughs)

But there is a little bit of truth in all of that. Some people just couldn’t connect my name Sunshine (which is my real name, directly translated from Croatian) to the music I play – darker techno. I got lot of comments that my name sounds happy and cheerful and my music is not like that 😀
Also few years ago I found out that there is an other Miss Sunshine in Berlin, playin progressive or similar and people start to confuse us. In that same time DJ Deep from Deeply Rooted offered me to make an EP on his label and we decided I should maybe try to release it under some other alias. That is how Insolate was born and from that release I decided to change my name for good.

You do everything yourself: dj, producer, label owner and until recently even being an agent. What does a typical day in the life of Insolate look like?

Hectic and busy. I really work a lot. It is just how I function and I cant imagine my day anyway different then it is. I even don’t remember when was the last time I had vacations and that I really switched off all my work or that I didnt work on something and just relax. Normally as I woke up in the morning, walk my dog and have breakfast, I hit the gym and after that is all about work. Studio, emails, music, interviews, podcasts, shootings and anything else that is on the plan for that day. I enjoy to work a lot, it keeps me alive – and sane.

You run your imprint ‘Out Of Place’ and the TRAUM events with Volster, who is also your partner. Never a fight who gets to use the studio today? 

Haha. Well, organisation is key to everything . We are working on so many different projects that every time someone is using the studio, other can work on something else. So far, we still didn’t fight about that.

“Rebel Love” is your return to Coincidence and the first one as Insolate. How did the collab start back then?  

I have long history with Coincidence records. We worked together on soo many projects. I released an Ep with them, also I was part of the VA release plus I had privilege to mix one of the CD compilation for the label. Also I played on numerous label partys and also two times at Tomorrowland. Many good years are behind us I am happy I am back with this EP as 100th release on the label!

We think of you as family. Is a longstanding relationship in music something essential, you think?

Yes, I love to make much personal connection with people I work with. It is not possible every time of course but it is beautiful when it is not strictly business and when it can have much deeper meaning.

Typical question: what is coming next for Insolate and any scoops? 😉

I just came back from my North American and Colombian tour and I instantly started to work in studio. I just finished remix for Denise Rabe, also one my tracks are included into Ben Sims’ official mix and it is gonna be released as a vinyl together with tracks from Planetary Assault Systems, Mark Broom and Damon Wild. New 12” EP is coming out this December on Homevvork Records together with PVS remixes.  Also I collab with Arnaud le Texier on 3 tracks and that EP is gonna be released by Prodigal Son. Gigwise in the next few months you can hear me in Berlin, Dortmund, Zagreb, Bielefield, Osijek, Antwerp .. just to name a few.

See you on the dancefloor!




Suncica’s release as Insolate is out Nov 18 on Coincidence Records featuring 3 original tracks and 2 remixes by Truncate.

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