NIEREICH: “DJ’s Need to Change Their Mindset”

We hooked up with Austria’s Niereich. A much loved DJ among the fans of raw, unfiltered and relentless Techno, and a man with his heart on his sleeve.

Austria!  Not really a country that we associate with techno. What hidden secrets does the Austrian scene keep from us? 

Well the scene in Austria had glory days in the early 90‘s with big Raves in Vienna, Graz, Linz or Salzburg but this ended in the mid 2000 and since 2010 a lot of clubs closed. So there is not much going on with Techno at the moment. A few clubs still are doing parties, most of them In Vienna.

We counted well over 400 releases  on Beatport alone. You clearly have been a very busy man…

Over 400? Hahaha! Crazy, I did not know how many I did in the last years. So since 2010 I doing releases, so yep, looks like I am busy man 🙂

Actually I am working on a lot of new stuff. More than 20 heavy tracks are ready to come out in 2019.

How would you describe your style to someone who hasn’t have a clue who Niereich is?

My style is powerfull and straight to the floor Techno, even dark and melodic. I experiment a lot with different sounds all the time. At the moment I also play with some early 90’s rave sounds. It reminds me of my beginnings around 1993. So check it out if you dont know my sound already.

Has the Techno scene changed a lot compared to when you started? For better or worse?

Yes, the biggest change in my eyes are the absurd and totally sick DJ fees. Agencies answer with laughing contempt if you offer the same for a booking and so on. C’mon!? DJs totally need to change their mindset and not forget where they came from.

Also these “bigger bettter bolder“ Festivals we have to talk about: on one side it’s awesome how Techno has grown, but on the other side I think this will kill more and more Techno clubs who can’t compete with the overpriced DJ fees. The same ones that played there a few years ago for a small fee to get an audience…

What DJ or producer blew you away recently?

Hard to say! There are a lot of guys but to name one with not all eyes on, I really like the sound of T78 from Italy.

Is Niereich a DJ first or rather a studio tiger?

Well, I am both I guess, for me these are the two main things for an Artist. Produce your own sound in the studio and present it to the people in the club when you get booked. That’s what  makes me proud and happy. 

We’ve talked a bit about the past, so inevitably we will also have to ask you what’s in store for your future?

Actually I worked out a lot of new heavy tracks and remixes (Also one for the legendary Rob Acid). Recently i did a rework on one of my biggest tunes called Morpheus (It was part of a VA Vinyl 2012 on Darknet) and they already signed to labels like Sian’s Octopus Recordings, Dirty Minds Records, Darknet, Coincidence from Belgium 😉 and more.

So i am really looking forward to get all these tunes out this year and bring my new live set to the clubs.

Niereich has a four track EP out on Coincidence, called Warehouse Industries.
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