Tom (C12): “International or National Are Equally Important”

Seemingly out of nowhere, C12 emerged in our nation’s capital and immediately made a mark. Only a few months after starting, they managed to surprise everyone with their daring selection of established artists and a smart mix of local talented DJs.
Time to find out a bit more about this (now still) hidden gem.   

C12 is a continuation of the Deep In House events. For people who don’t know DIH: what did they miss?

Deep in House is a Brussels collective specialized in the organisation of house and techno parties. Most of those events are presently held in Brussels but the concept has already been exported several times in others cities like Berlin, Paris, Antwerp and Ghent. With always the same purpose : to promote house and techno music quality and sensitize an audience as diverse as possible. 

At Deep in House we believe …

  • That quality goes over fame and financial gain.
  • That musical requirement must be offered to a wider and electric audience.
  • The promotion of not well known or unknown artists should be encouraged.
  • That international is equally important that the national or local.

And finally we deeply believe in unifying power of house and techno music we offer around wich can gather novices, experts, people of all ages from all countries, cities or linguistic communities. 

One of the things where C12 really makes the difference is beyond any doubt the lineups. Where do you find inspiration for your bookings?

I’m trying to invite artists who inspire me and who always stayed true to their values. I’m also trying to invite artists who have never played in Belgium or haven’t play for a while. I try to combine them with locals artists who respect them in order to create the most coherent programmation possible. I also try to diversify the genres (house, minimal, techno) to keep the people interested.

Do you still have some time left to party yourself, and where do you go to if you do?

I try to be there at every C12 night to check out the vibe in the club and the sets of our guests and locals, to see if there’s a match with the vibe of the club. So i can party there every weekend. In Brussels, I also like to party at Technoon, the music and the public are always on point. It’s happening on Sunday afternoon every 2 month so it’s perfect for me as the C12 is closed.  Otherwise, I’d like to party in Berlin or Amsterdam. It’s always good to go abroad to see what’s going on there and to get some inspiration. 

It’s remarkable that C12 ends up in the top 3 of Best Clubs – in their first year. Is it something that you are striving for?

To be honest, we were really surprised to end in the second position after only few months of opening. We ended right after the Kompass and before Fuse which are the biggest techno institutions in Belgium, it was a real honor. The celebrations with the rest of our team the night after was heavy (laughs).

You select pretty underground and ‘difficult’ names. Is there a special philosophy behind it? 

As said before, i only try to invite artist who are inspiring. It was a risk at the begining of the project because we were not sure that the people would be receptive but in the end  people seems to be open and enthusiastic for this kind of programmation and this allows to take more risks.

Besides “just” a club C12 also is a space for a lot more activities. What else is C12 offering?

We also have a room dedicated to visual arts which called the C5 and which is curated by our dear friends Patrick Carpentier and his assistant Manon. We also recently started to do exhibitions inside the Horta Gallery hall. Beside those, we also hosted a few dance performances and we’re also hosting the Loop Session which assembles Beatmakers under one roof for a gathering of music production and networking. Using the equipment of their choice while sampling from the same vinyl, participants have a few hours to put their creation together. Once per month, we have the Benediction, a unique event mixing queer, glamour and punk performances, live acts and dj sets. In March, we’ll have our first vinyl market and last but not least we just started yoga classes which will happen every Tuesday. 

A very classic question: what does the future have in store for C12?

Always more music, more art and more love.

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