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Before TRiXY was TRiXY, you were already very active behind the scene at various Techno events, right? 

Yes that’s right! I was part of the Liberty White/Chronicles organisation for almost 3 years and I have been working for Partybus for over 15 years now.
I still remember my first travel as it was yesterday… Timewarp Mannheim back in 2002… It was the first time I experienced live visuals, they had a sound I never heard before and the party lasted 16 hours! It totally blew my mind! So I wanted more of this…I started exploring the Partybus agenda…Nature One, Awakenings, Mayday, Love Family Park, Cocoonclub Frankfurt, Fabric London… it all sounded so appealing, but for a student also very expensive. So I decided to work for the company, one of my best decisions ever! I loved being responsible for a bunch of people with only one mission; P.A.R.T.Y. and I was able to do all those events for free! I felt so lucky hahaaa! In 2015 I had to quit as a guide, cause I was getting more and more busy with DJing. Nowadays I only take care of the subscriptions and do co-guiding from time to time.

Obviously, at a certain point you also started DJing. What was the moment that triggered your interest in becoming a DJ?

The thought has always been there, but I always felt more a raver then a DJ. I needed my weekly Techno fix and I didn’t care if I had to travel 1h or even 5…But through the years this changed.
Breaking up with my boyfriend in 2010 was definitely a big life changer. I spend every weekend with friends who were also DJing and started experimenting at the after hours with their tracks. It didn’t take long before I was on the internet searching for Techno tracks and created an own identity. We started a collective called Lab.105dB and did several parties in Club Basic in Tielt. One of our concepts was ‘Strictly Techno’. The parties were free and we always handed out stuff to the first 100 visitors. Victoria Rebekah, Hefty, Miss Sunshine (AKA Insolate), Thomas Hessler, just to name of few of the headliners… At that time, most of the people didn’t know these artists, but they knew what to expect from these nights…quality Techno!

In our opinion, you are one of those DJs from Belgium that are still “under the radar” despite being talented and good enough to play at a higher, international level. Is Belgium more difficult to break through? 

Well thank you for the compliment! (blush).
I don’t know if it it’s more difficult…I’m happy with how things are going and already proud of what I’ve accomplished through the years. Especially because I don’t have a manager or promoter.And although I have a lot of contacts in the scene, I’ve never asked someone for a booking. A lot of people thought I started DJing because I wanted to be in the spotlight, but the ones who know me, know better. 

I honestly never thought TRiXY would become this big… I think the stage hosting at Forest Festival in 2013 set everything into motion and my residency at Decadance in 2015 helped spreading my name. Don’t understand me wrong, of course it would be nice and exciting to go abroad more, but I don’t have the urge to go international and take planes every weekend. I know myself, that would not be healthy for me hahaaaa! I’m a person that needs a bit of balance. 
I want to keep on enjoying my gigs and for me the best nights, are the ones spend with friends.

I thought I was pretty badass in partying until I went out a night with you (and Malika Maria at Work). Where does this never-ending energy come from?

Hahahahahaaaaaaa! The epic road trip to Ruigoord! That was so much fun! Our driving force is our inexhaustible passion for Techno. Nanon and I met each other back in 2010. She arrived at my birthday party with someone I knew and we just hit it off! From that day we were inseparable. Our favourite motto: ‘Dance or die’ & ‘go hard or go home’.We’ve had our agenda planned for weeks, even months… if possible 2 parties a weekend and preferably in the Netherlands, Germany or even outside the EU… Man those were the days! 

Now we are both very busy, so we need to plan our quality time, but we try to support each other on gigs as much as we can.

Do you produce or have plans to? 

Well, I know that is the next step I should take if I want to take it to the next level…The thing is, I have the gear, but for the moment I don’t find the motivation to lock myself up and start experimenting with it. I do spend a lot of time on searching tracks and for the past year I’ve been focusing on learning to play vinyl. When Decadance closed its doors I also decided to start working full-time again. 
I needed a new challenge and found a job as a kitchen designer. It may sounds silly but I never thought I would love a job this much. It kinda feels like leading this double life…business woman until the weekend kicks in hahaaa. 
But it feels right! I’ve been contacted by ghost producers in the past, but I kindly refused the offer…I just want to stay true to myself.

What was the highlight of your DJ history so far? And what is the party you’d like to play at the most?

Hmm…not an easy one. As said, my residency at Decadance was responsible for many highlights. But if I need to name one I would say Nature One. This was also one of the Partybus destinations I’ve guided for a few years, so being able to play in one of those bunkers was quite impressive. 
Where I would love to play one day is Awakefest. This is one of the festivals that through the years, never disappoints, but I know that chance is unlikely to happen.

What sentence describes TRiXY best of all – and why?

When I started DJing, there was already a girl active in the Techno scene as ‘Lins’, so I needed another suitable name. I wanted something simple that sounded a bit like Lindsay. I always remembered the name Trixie from a movie called ‘problem child’, so I looked up the meaning and didn’t hesitate one moment…
TRiXY (Latin origin); blessed traveller, she who brings joy …and that’s exactly what I try to do.

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