Vinyl | Cleric: Delivery EP

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The debut release of Cleric, who rose to stardom in recent years.

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Cleric is a bit of a mystery guest even for us. A Techno producer with a love for the drones we know so well. A promotor of small underground parties in his homebase Manchester (and a Chelsea fan, but not lynched yet to our knowledge). That’s about all we know really, so letting the music speak for itself is the key here.

Delivery doesn’t stand on ceremony and blasts of straight away with a Techno stomper that will make people move for sure. But there’s a lot more subtle flavoring underneath the surface: a constant layer of carefully crafted noises that make it a rich, deep sound despite of the dancefloor pedigree this track clearly has.

The experiment of Wornitz was the first track we actually got to hear, and anyone with a heart for electronic music will feel the respressed threatening power of this tune. Reminding us a bit of Shed-meets-Jeroen Search, this track gets better every single time you take the time to put your headphones on and let it crush you in your seat.

On to the flip side of the vinyl, with Morose. The most accessible track of the bunch, shamelessly addictive and utterly simple for maximal effect. The break has caused serious damage already to various dancefloors that were used as testing grounds.

Remix duty can be tricky, but not when one of your ultimate heroes signs on to the project. Boy oh boy, we were over the moon when Dario Zenker agreed to remix a track, and he sure as hell did not dissapoint us. He turns Morose into an ultra-dark track that is so hyponitising at the same time. The melody that comes into the track lifts it far beyond the usual Techno you usually get.

As always, Dimitri Andreas polished the entire body to perfection and mastered it to perfection yet again.


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