Vinyl | Kretipleti: Kontaminationen EP

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Kretipleti with three classic tracks that caught the attention from Marcel Dettmann.

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Played by Marcel Dettmann and Marcel Fengler.

Kretipleti might not sound very familiar to you, but when I say Thomas Jaldemark (from Donk Boys, Frankie Records) and Pehr Herb, that should surely ring a bell if you have been playing techno in the past few years. Originally started as a project annex label, Scandinavian duo Kretipleti is now coming to Coincidence with a three-track techno EP.

The A Side ‘Kontaminationen” immediately blasts off in a dark techno monster that takes no prisoners. Distorted, raw sweeps and buildups quickly follow one another and already haven proven mayhem qualities on the dancefloor.

Flip the vinyl when the bell rings and get ready for quite something different: ‘Densolitmos’ can easily be described as early Ben Klock meets oldskool techno loops: if you’d play this on a kozzmozz there will be carnage. Simple, minimalistic and effective.

The third cut, ‘Greger’, sounds influenced by the atmospheric, deep acid techno that used to be released by iconic producers like Emmanuel Top, or vaguely referencing to classics like Acid Eiffel. When the strings hit this tune, oldskool punters will have a hard time finding a dry seat in the house. A massive track to show that Coincidence mean serious business in 2011.

The mastering was done by one of our alltime favorite producers ‘slash’ engineer, Misjah at 24Mastering.


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