Vinyl | Philogresz: Cold Wired Heart

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A brilliant piece of detroit techno by the Asmterdam based mastermind behind Zwart Goud.

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You might have noticed that we cut down considerably on our release schedule. In this digital age where music is often seen as disposable we just wanted to make the reverse move, and take our time again to select and search for quality music.
And by God, do we have quality for you on this 50th release (yes, 47 EP’s, and three compilations!). Turkish roots, dutchman living in Antwerp: meet Philogresz. He has produced on just about everyone of our favorite labels such as Snork Enterprises, Ware, Phil or Treibstoff, is a great musician, a superb Dj, a label honcho at Team and first and foremost: an awesome producer.

We couldn’t be more excited about the three tracks he made for us: title track Cold Wired Heart is a spaced out track with references to Detroit – watched from outer space.
B-side opener pretty much is in the same array, yet here the amazing lead that comes in after a few minutes makes this a hypnotizing piece of art. Yet as always, it remains danceable and does a very good job on the more advanced dance floors planet wide.
To cherry on top is a soundscape experiment which still can be used properly by any dj seeking an original intro. Not to say that this ambient-ish track stands firmly on its own. Its build up is nothing short of phenomenal and a simple hihat breaking through is all it needs to be perfect dance floor food as well.

To be honest: whether you like it or not, we couldn’t have been more excited with this release. As always it has been mastered to perfection by Cass Irvine of Wired London. It’s seriously a release we’re very proud of and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do, here at Planet Coincidence.


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